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Writing process series to help new and experienced writers find their own writing process.

The writing process is different for every writer and established writers will certainly have a process that they can follow with ease. New writers, however, have to develop a writing process from scratch and this can sometimes be very difficult.

It can be a problem to get started whether you are writing a blog post for your website, a short story or a full length book. Usually an inexperienced writer will simply put the job of getting started off to the next day and, in the end, the work will never be written.

Even an experienced writer can struggle when changing formats and find that they just don’t know where to begin. For instance someone who has written many books, may have a problem writing a blog post for the website to promote his work and so the process of trial and error begins, in order to find your own writing process.

Before starting the writing process arm yourself with information:

• What style of writing is required for the task at hand
• Do I need any other knowledge such as search engine optimization for a website or resources that will assist me with my writing
• Come up with ideas for the subject or plot
Add to your idea
• Research your subject

Now start the writing process:

• Start your first draft
• Write your article, short story or book.
• Revise and polish
• Edit you first draft
• Employ an editor
• Publish

Sounds easy but we all know that it is not that simple. A lack of self-belief, failure to come up with an idea and writer’s block are just a few of the problems that can stand in your way and prevent you from writing your first work.

Unfortunately there is no ‘one fits all’ solution and you need to be patient with yourself until you come up with a winning formula. In this series of articles we will attempt to point you in the right direction so that you can find your own writing process. The ‘we’ that I am referring to are John and Trish of J&T Dorrington.

I have been writing copy for websites for years and can complete an article in under an hour. I didn’t believe that I could write a book until I did a course on writing children’s picture books. The course advised that you find your pictures first and the book would follow. I followed this advice and my children’s picture book was produced soon after that.

John has written books and is a wonderful editor, but he nearly freaked when I told him that he had to write articles for this website. He is still struggling with the concept but, with my expert guidance, he is getting there.

So join us on this journey to find your writing process and let’s see whether we can make an author out of you.

Tricia DorringtonTricia Dorrington (9)

Tricia has been writing content for websites for many years and, as the editor of this site, attends to the posting of all content, together with the online marketing of the business.

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