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A research assistant can help you build a store house of knowledge from scratch, find out the facts to get your project started, or fact check to make sure you’ve got things right.

Research is a big word and as research assistants we realise that we couldn’t possibly offer a research service to suit all situations; for instance, we’re not scientists or psychologists though we do know a thing or two about kitchen chemistry and life coaching!

The kind of research we do offer is of a more general kind. We’ve worked with businesses owners, entrepreneurs, internet marketers, university students and authors in helping them build databases from scratch, getting projects started with verifiable facts, or fact checking pre-production to make sure they’ve got things right.

Our research services

Here’s just a sampling of the kinds of research we can offer. The list is not exhaustive so please get in touch if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

  • Collecting information to create a database of some kind
  • Researching a specific topic for anything from articles, to research papers, presentations, or books
  • Fact finding and checking for a professional or academic project
  • Maintaining research databases
  • Preparing research reports
  • Providing information for a website

The most important qualities to look for in good research

  • Believable
  • Trustworthy
  • Useful
  • Quality controlled
  • Accurate
  • Fair and consistent (offering a balanced argument)
  • Timeliness (information is up to date)
  • Comprehensive (covers all aspects of the subject)
  • Audience (information for a particular audience)

And when your research is done…

If you’d like help in turning your content into the final product, whether it be  an article on your website, a thesis, a book, or anything else, we offer writing, editing and proofreading services and online content copywriting too.