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Creative writing ideas to get new authors started

Creative writing is where you express thoughts, feelings and emotions rather than convey information. So creative writing would be for a novel, poem or short story and, at the same time, you would also use descriptive writing to describe people, places, scenes or objects in such a way as to form a picture in the reader’s mind.

For creative writing you need to come up with ideas to write about and this is what we are going to tackle here.

Ideas are everywhere. You may be inspired by a childhood memory or something that is going on in your life at the present time. Imagination and inspiration are the key factors when you need to come up with ideas for creative writing, but there are some tricks and tools that you can use as well.

I am going to call this stage of the writing process the invention stage and it usually involves you asking yourself many questions and employing a whole lot of strategies before you can get started with the writing process.

The creative writing process strategies:

•Read as many books as you can in your chosen genre e.g. fiction or non-fiction, poetry, short story, novel, children’s books etc. For an in-depth look at the different genres have a look at Wikipedia
•Gather as many ideas, good and bad, as you can
•Keep adding to your list as ideas pop into your mind (use a notebook)
•Take in what is going on around you all the time and listen for lines of dialogue
•Just get going, write and write some more
•Don’t worry about the quality of the work you produce at first
•Write every day, even if it’s just for fifteen minutes
•Use the writing prompts that you will find on our resources page
•Do various exercises such as writing a series of very short works starting with a particular phrase or using only words that don’t have the letter ‘e’ in them
•From the word go you need to ask questions
•These questions lead to more questions
•Ask questions until you can’t think of any more.

By now you should have quite a lot of ideas to work with and it would be good to think about what main elements should be included in your work.

The main elements in creative writing

These are the main practical elements that you need to take into account when you start writing:


So if you are feeling a bit more inspired now you can get busy with some creative writing and see where that takes you.

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