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A book editor will get right inside your book and make it shine.

A book editor will get right inside your book, look at it from every angle and make it shine. Another thing is that a book editor is essential simply because no publisher or printer will touch a manuscript unless it has been carefully checked. That is the bottom line.

But another way of looking at it is that people are generally blind to their own shortcomings and failings, although these same people are usually pretty quick to see the exact same defects in others. Most likely this can be attributed to human nature.

Now it’s a fact of life that many authors, no doubt also being human, are not immune to this trait. They often judge their writing less harshly than it deserves, and with less of a critical eye. They are inclined to be subjective, and refuse to accept that their manuscript is crying out for some serious editing – as any impartial, less subjective person can see. Few authors are their own harshest critics – especially first-time authors. Yet no manuscript exists that cannot be improved, however good it may be.

A book editor steps in to create order in a book

That is where the book editor steps in to create order out of potential chaos. Professional book editors have usually spent many years – often many decades – honing their skills. They know what to do and what to look for in a manuscript, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to rectify an author’s mistakes. Having a second pair of eyes, as it were, they offer a different and unbiased perspective and can quickly spot what the author has missed, or ambiguities and repetitions that the author is completely unaware of.

Remember, there is no manuscript that cannot be improved – no matter how good it is. And first-time authors are advised to swallow their pride and cultivate a good working relationship with his or her book editor. It’s worth it – for the sake of the book.

So if you have written a book and need a book editor to take a look at it you can contact John and he will be only to happy to give you a quote.

John DorringtonJohn Dorrington (27)

John is a freelance copy-writer, editor and proof-reader, and has written four books. He has edited several novels and factual books, although much of his work involves editing students’ academic dissertations, including several Master’s and Doctoral theses. He is a graduate of the University of Cape Town where he studied English and History

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